Men's Clothing in Kenosha

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Looking for men’s clothing in Kenosha? Are you looking to upgrade your clothing game? Do department store suits and clothing just not fit right and make you feel awkward and sloppy? What you need are the superior suits from Mike Bjorn’s. Each piece of men’s clothing is tailored to you for the ultimate fit for your suit of any occasion. From formal tuxedos for weddings or black-tie-events to everyday business wear, Bjorn’s custom pieces help you to stand out in a clean, fresh look. Serving Kenosha and its surrounding area with premier men’s clothing, Bjorn’s ensembles will enhance your wardrobe and your confidence in your image.


Men's Clothing in Kenosha for Any Formal Occasion!

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We offer the best of men’s clothing for any formal occasion. From tuxedos to business wear, our suits will have you feeling clean and sharp for any event!

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Mike Bjorn’s specializes in making each piece of our men’s clothing fit you perfectly! We tailor each piece for you to look your best in our formal wear.

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Alongside our vast selection of men’s clothing, Bjorn’s carries accessories to complete your look. Visit us today to pick up any belts, ties, cuff links, and more that you would need to look your sharpest in one of our ensembles!